G&G Group

Ozonation Disinfection

The uniqueness and advantages of our method

  1. Modern, fast and efficient:
    1. Everything is to be disinfected - equipment, fabric, documents, office accessories, soft furniture, children's toys, any type of surface, ventilation system, air conditioners...
    2. For processing, we use modern technology - electronic equipment powered with software (powerful ozone generators), which is managed and monitored remotely.
  2. Comfort:
    1. It does not require any special preparation before the procedure, for example packing/isolation of documents and other stuff. The process can be carried out simultaneously with the operation of office equipment and other electronic devices. All items in the room are disinfected with equal intensity.
    2. The procedure leaves no parasitic residue, stains, and unpleasant odors or sensations (unlike any harsh or mild chemical). On the contrary - you get a healthy environment, clean air, dry, dust-free and sterile surfaces.
  3. No chemicals:
    1. The method does not require the use of chemicals, is completely ecofriendly and safe (ozonation is also used in cosmetology, medical field...).
    2. The ozonation method is ideal for treating babies's clothes and toys. Ozonation does not require the use of chemicals, which makes it safe for people and the environment.
  4. Non-alternative method of disinfection of climate control systems:
    1. Viruses, bacteria and harmful microorganisms have an ideal breeding environment in heating-cooling (climate control) and ventilation systems (when ventilation is turned on, their harmful excrement gets into our lungs, which causes various infectious diseases). That's why it is necessary to periodically treat them with high quality (including in cars).. Our method has no alternative for disinfection of in these systems.
  5. Destroys allergens: Allergens are substances that cause allergic reactions in humans, such as plant pollen, dust, mold. Ozone significantly reduces the amount of allergens in the air and on surfaces, therefore prevents allergic reaction.
  6. Improve air quality: Ozonation can remove unpleasant odors such as tobacco smoke, food odor and other odors, and improve indoor air quality.
  7. No harmful chemical residue: Ozonation leaves no residue on surfaces, air or objects in the space, it is formed from oxygen and then naturally converted back to oxygen.